“Dr. Bethany was the most requested presentation when we surveyed the attendees of our 2017 SUMMIT regarding which speakers they’d like to re-watch on our website.” — Melisa Pearce

Have Dr. Bethany speak to your group or organization.

The Green Elephant: Money and Dentists — Many of our thoughts concerning money — both good and bad— are rooted in our childhood experiences. Sometimes we are not even aware of our limiting beliefs because they are so ingrained in us. In this insightful presentation, I give your attendees some very useful and profound information to help them change how they think about money and prosperity.

Stress and Dentists — Dentistry is a very stressful profession. The rate of heart disease and other chronic health-related issues are also incredibly high among dentists. Stress is often a root cause of the despair and depression that leads to tragic outcomes for many dentists. In this presentation, I address the causes of stress — and how to mindfully change the way you approach dentistry and your life in a way that can alleviate the root causes of your stress and anxiety.

SPIN Selling for Dentists — Selling is not something we learned in dental school. In this presentation, I will teach your attendees how to sell effectively using the SPIN technique I used in my own practice to dramatically increase treatment acceptance and grow revenue. The technique is easy, effective and life-changing for both dentists and their teams.

Horses Healing Dentists — Horses are animals with a huge capacity to heal the human heart. In this simple and impactful presentation, I talk about my own healing experience with horses and how that experience led me to become certified in the coaching method I use today to help dentists everywhere.